Why starting with digital for branding is key to success

Everyone has a website these days.

Maybe it’s a blog or an online shop or just a three-layer website describing what a company does and how to get in contact with them.

Companies are visible on social media platforms, search engines, and the little ads that pop up when you’re watching videos online or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.

What do you think of when you think about online services?

These days there’s a website or app for anything you could possibly need. Watch movies on Netflix, order a ride with Lyft, find a place to stay with Airbnb…the list is endless. With the accessibility of these services and the speed at which they can be obtained, it’s more important than ever to approach marketing with the consideration of the customer experience.

The average consumer is deeply interested in the experience. Ease of use and customer service all apply to an individual’s user experience. According to a study by Lithium Technologies, 27% of consumers maintain a relationship with brands through their website, social media platforms, or a blog.

So what does that mean for your company?

Online branding is comprised of multiple different factors. From larger aspects like layout and banner images to the finer details like font and color coordination, every detail can affect how consumers refer to and remember your brand.

Because of the popularity of online platforms, not only is it essential that you have an internet presence, but also that you are orienting your brand toward a visual experience. Users are likely to click away from your site if it looks dated (even if the information is current) or simply unattractive. If your site is difficult to navigate because of awkwardly placed buttons, unclickable images, confusing site maps, and so forth, users are likely to get frustrated and find a different site for your service.

You want your company to be identified by a unique quality like an icon, color scheme, persona, or campaign. Major companies take advantage of this aspect of digital marketing in order to successfully retain a positive and memorable relationship with their users. Google, for instance, runs its Google Doodle campaign daily. Some users will take a moment out of their day, specifically, to see what today’s doodle is.

Small businesses can also successfully brand themselves to local consumers. Your company can be known as the store that posts pictures of dogs on Instagram or that posts helpful and interesting blog posts every Wednesday. These little interactions between your customers and your online resources can make all the difference when establishing brand loyalty and simple advertisement.

When it comes to digital branding, it’s all about the user and getting your name out there. The internet is always growing and changing, you want your company to be on the forefront of that change. As today’s generation runs on laptops and smartphones, it’s more important than ever before to have your logo in pixels.